Dog Racing Tips For Beginners

If you’re looking for a simple yet often successful method to dog racing or football predictions, read on on The disclaimer is it won’t work every time as there is no such system that would. When it comes to betting or staking on a race, the better prepared you are including having a winning strategy the greater your chances of success.

Here is one method that can increase your chances of winning a greyhound handicap. What you’ll want to do is take note of the first race. Be sure you notate the winning times of each dog in their last race and pick at least 3 dogs with the fastest winning times. Next you’ll want to write down all dogs who have won the race that has the same grade and the race you are currently watching. You should start to see certain ones emerge as potential dogs to bet on in the next race.

If you notice that any of the dogs in the top three of both the time and the grade of the race you’re beginning to increase your odds on which one might win next time they race. Naturally you’ll want to understand the odds the bookmakers are giving for the dog or football predictions you decide to go with based on your system. If the dog you picked has odds of 4 to 1 just before post time then lay a stake down for it to win. You’ll discover that dogs with 4 to 1 odds or lower often win races.

Although this system is not flawless, at least it’s helping you sniff out the winners by using a method that will most likely help you win more often than lose.

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